How much weight can the containers hold?

This will depend on the contents that are being disposed of. We allow up to FIVE tons in our 10 and 15-yard containers. We allow up to ten (10) tons in our 20, 30 and 40-yard containers. 

What if we go over on weight?

You will be subject to an overweight fee. In some situations where the load is overweight or top heavy and unsafe for transport, you will be required to unload some of the contents.

How full can I fill the container?

Containers are to be filled up to the top rail but may not exceed past. 

Do you offer trash pick up?

Sorry we do not offer curbside pick-up. However, you can call our sister company A-1 Disposal at 573-474-2587. 

Where can I have a container placed?

Containers are to be placed on a hard level surface (Gravel, Concrete, Asphalt, etc.). Overhead tree limbs and power lines may inhibit placement as well. 

Will the container damage my driveway?

Containers have rear wheels that help prevent damage upon loading and unloading. We can, however, set containers on runners to protect your desired placement location. These runners would, however, need to be supplied by the homeowner. Such runners are encouraged for placement on asphalt. (Plywood, 2x6x8, etc.) 

Are these containers hard to load?

All containers do have a rear swing door that opens to make loading easier. 

Can I move the container?

Containers are to be left in the location at which they were placed. Moving them without our truck may result in damages to our container and or your placement location. 

How long does it take to have a container delivered?

We prefer a 24-hour notice. During the summer months which are considered our busy time, you are encouraged to schedule 3-4 days in advance as some container sizes may be limited. 

What CAN’T I put in the containers?

Items that are NOT allowed in the containers are as follows:
        • Anything hazardous and/or flammable
        • Whole tires 
        • Any white good appliance (stove, refrigerator, freezer, water heater, etc.)
        • Paint cans which still contain paint
        • Propane tank
        • Lead batteries.